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Dimanche: Who are you?

9 May

I spotted some adorable stickers plastered around Lakeshore Drive in Oakland a few weeks back and fell in love- however, when I went to get a snapshot last week, it turned out that they had been torn down!  Fortunately, I discovered that they were apparently just part of a series by the artist (who remains unknown), and today I found these little cuties while walking around Lake Merritt.

There seems to be an ongoing theme of dancing skeletons, reminiscent of one of my favorite games from childhood, "Operation" (Wasn't your favorite body part the funny bone?)

The character has a little thinking cloud above its head, with the word “Dimanche” inside.  Meaning “Sunday” in French, I am assuming that this could be the artist’s alias.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the 1960 publication Dimanche – Le Journal d’un Seul Jour (Sunday – The Newspaper for Only One Day) by French artist Yves Klein?  Or perhaps it’s just a profession of love, for the laziest day of the week?

image courtesy of Wikipedia

Mystery Solved…Sorta.

26 Mar


So, you may remember my posting Whodunnit?! from back in January, about the mysterious and delightful koi fish stencils that have been popping up all over SF’s sidewalks.  Well, last night I was in the beautiful Castro (or was it Hayes Valley?  not sure), having after-dinner drinks with my lovely friends at The Orbit Room, when one of my- ahem- readers (thank you, Jim) pointed out the aquatic wonders yet again.  Sprawled out under our feet in front of the entrance, leading into and scattered about on the floor inside were clusters of my awesome little orange and gold friends.  I was so happy to see them again!  And these looked much brighter and more recently applied than those I previously photographed in the Mission (everything is more beautiful in the Castro, isn’t it?).

I asked the bartender if he knew the identity of the artist, as surely they would have needed permission to paint on the establishment’s floors, but he had no idea.  “Some guy,”  he told me.  oooooh… I just love a good mystery.

Well, how completely lame do I feel when I Google “koi, sf, sidewalk” this morning, and find a multitude of links about the artist- most of them dated all the way back in November?  

(Long silence)  Heh.

I guess my mystery was really no mystery at all, just  ignorance on my part, to think that such a project would be anything less than newsworthy.  Even though I have to admit to my naiveté, I am nonetheless completely satisfied that this project and its creator are getting the coverage and the recognition that they deserve.

So now…  the moment you’ve all been waiting for…  (que drumroll)…  the person responsible?  Jeremy Novy, an SF based stencil artist (hailing from Milwaukee, WI).  Novy is a notable activist in the gay community and a total renegade in the urban arts scene, whose work has been featured in museums, private collections, and city streets across the nation.  My koi fish?  Um, yeah…those led to a feature in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  Guess I must have missed that one. 

You can check out some of his other work at the following locations:

Thank you Jeremy, for continuing to brighten my days with your work. 🙂

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